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How to Get Free Bets

Free bets are rewards provided to online gamblers for many different reasons. They may be welcome gifts, VIP rewards or even an incentive to bet on sports or events with which gamblers are unfamiliar. Either way, they can certainly be used to your advantage.

Welcome Bonuses

The most common way to earn free bets from online bookmakers is to sign up with an account for the first time. Online gambling agencies give these away in order to remain competitive in a very busy industry, so players can always shop around for the offers they like the best. Most free bets are relatively small, but they are still free money that can be used to place wagers on nearly any sport or event imaginable. Of course, free bets are also provided to VIPs and people who regularly spend money in these virtual establishments, as well.

Using Free Bets

While many people use their free bets to place single wagers on the outcome of an event, there are better and more efficient ways to make use of this money. Many gamblers swear by matched betting; this is a process by which the free bet is used as the stake and the player's own money is wagered in an equal amount on the opposing team. This way, regardless of the outcome, there is still some profit to be made. Gamblers should always read the terms and conditions that relate to an online bookmaker's free bets carefully for any clauses relating to matched betting.

The good news is that almost anyone can register for an account with an online betting agency and start making money immediately. Free bets are just another way for players to earn more money and have more fun along the way.